Our Mission to Our Patients

Our mission to our patients is to provide a responsible, convenient and easy place to get cannabis and related cannabis products.? We look to educate new patients on the safe and responsible use of cannabis.? Such that our patients are knowledgeable and responsible cannabis consumers.? We want to offer the widest variety possible and provide our patients with a great deal of cannabis selections and options.

Who We Are

We are the premier medical marijuana delivery service located in the heart of California, delivering to all certified cannabis patients who desire safe access to medical marijuana. Our private members-only Collective serves as a mutual-benefit nonprofit corporation operating in strict accordance with Prop 215, SB 420 and California state medical marijuana laws. We supply Orange County with high-quality medical marijuana by delivery to anywhere in the county. In doing so we adhere to the highest standards around health, safety, and patients? rights. Our collective group of cannabis patients benefit from our selection of high-quality medical-grade cannabis; our experienced and welcoming professional staff; And our safe, reliable, discreet and speedy home delivery service to our Orange County patient members. The CMarket team is professional, friendly, and able to advise our patients on the wide-range of cannabis products we provide, including: Cannabis (Marijuana), Pre-Rolls, Edibles, Hash, Kief, Concentrates, Tinctures, Vaporizers, Pipes, and many, many more. Delivering to Orange County is our specialty, but our patients are our passion. We are open 7 days a week from 24 hours per day.

Our Mission to Ourselves

Our mission to ourselves is to treat each other with care and support.? To always be professional and understanding.? Each CMarket team member is equally important and equally valued.? We believe in equality, we believe in being treated fairly and always treat others fairly.