SONI Sampler Macaroons

Small Batch, 100% Organic

SONI Edible Description

Our own brand SONI Edibles are made by us in-house, Made-To-Order (meaning they are always fresh) and super delicious. The Sampler Macaroon are made with love and care. The name of the cake comes from the Italian maccarone or maccherone meaning “paste”, referring to the original almond paste ingredient; this word itself derives from ammaccare, meaning “to crush”. Those wacky Italians, the make some great deserts. The word maccherone itself is derived from the Greek (makaria), a kind of barley broth which was served to commemorate the dead. The real meaning of the name Macaroons really is “happy”, because you can’t help but be happy when you eat one, or 10..


10 PIECES Total THC Serving THC / Serving
49.99 400mg 1/2 PIECE 20mg
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