Dutch Thin Mint

Solventless, 99% Invisible THC

Vape Description

The flawless fusion between cannabinoids and terpenes from the strains Thin Mint, Thin Mint GSC and Matanuska Mint, created The Dutch Mint, which is a solventless 91% THC oil vape cartridge. As the first pen that has a two-stage preheating function, it self-regulates the temperature up to 2x to optimal. By the time you are ready to atomize the oil, you get the ideal vapor flow and ideal vape always. Moreover, it uses a ceramic coil and glass tip cartridge.

Vape Effects

This is strong, fast vape that starts working after one or two tokes, and smokers may feel their eyes droop at the onset, but this is followed by a brain nova of happy energy that rides above the body stone for several hours.

Ours is the purest, most true form of cannabis extraction.  The gold standard for the most demanding client. Perfect for a fun night out, this buzz suits playtime activities better than working hours. The menthol-like smoke goes down smooth and expands the lungs, giving it some medicinal potential for opening the airways.

2.0 Gram 91% THC
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